Our Tools and Technologies

Our Tools and Technologies

We use industry leading mainstream solutions to build user-friendly, search-engine optimized, W3C standards-compliant web sites, video animation, local business listings, social media and web other service

  • Server programming languages (such as PHP, Python or Perl)
  • Configuration and maintenance of web servers (such as Apache)
  • Client programming languages (such as JavaScript)
  • Asynchronous technologies (such as AJAX and LAMP)
  • Markup languages (including HTML5, CSS, XML)
  • CMS platforms (such as WorPress)
  • Cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS)

Our goal is to use contemprorary/ modern website design and development to deploy robust, customer-magnets that will significantly boost your sales.

When we deliver a site, video animation, social media service or other web solution, you can expect that :

Any member of our team that is actively developing your project is a veteran; an expert in the technologies used to create your dream. S/he can create, design/ develop, code and deliver your piece of the web that is up to smarts —And, furthermore, demonstrates a critical appreciation of usability, accessibility and adherence to web standards. That s/he thoroughly understands your needs and implements the right set of technologies and startegies to give you a rock star website!

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