Cloud-based Mobile Websites

Cloud Based Mobile Website Plans: Budget-friendly Solutions

Served from our robust cloud based servers to your mobile visitors—Your cost-effective, dedicated mobile website is specifically built for mobile devices and is the best bang for the buck of all our mobile solutions.

cloud based mobile website plans
Standard Mobile Websites Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Design uniquely tailored to mobile devices
  • Loads quickly on mobile devices.
  • Rich feature settings
  • Video integrations
  • Secure – Never worry
  • Reliable – hosted on industrial strength hardware
  • Scalable – Very easy to a add pages as needed
  • Compatible – The platform upgrades as needed
  • Site automatically synchronizes with your PC site – so it is always up to date

* Number of readable pages is subject to the technology of your PC website. Some websites may not be readable due to technological limitations.
** Design revisions are core revisions of the layout, theme, color etc.
*** The monthly recurring cost covers the licensing, maintenance, analytics and hosting.
**** Cloud-based (SaaS) hosting is a virtual software based infrastructure. Servers as software are faster, less expensive, scalable (as it has virtually unlimited resources), more fault-tolerant, and more secure than traditional servers. Read more at Your cloud hosting delivers flexible, smart, autosynching (automatically updates when your PC site updates)to your PC desktop.
*****Auto Sync Feature: We can code your newly created mobile site to auto-sync to your your larger screen desktop site —so as you update your desktop site with new content your mobile site automatically updates as well.