Our list of services and offerings and what we do are outlined below

Mobile Websites

We specialize in building mobile websites that get results. We will build you a cloud-based mobile website (hosted on our robust servers) or custom mobile website that will include all of your site’s content in a mobile friendly format. Customers will see the mobile website automatically any time they visit your site from a smartphone!

According to a recent study, the majority of users searching for a local business from a smart phone are looking to buy immediately. Give them quick access to important information such as services offered and business hours. Then let them call or find your business with a single click using the click-to-call or mobile maps buttons! Read more about our mobile websites » or if you’re ready to get started contact us for a free consultation.

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Desktop Websites

We build modern sophisticated desktop websites that incorporate solutions geared towards your business model. Whether that means more online sales, traffic or leads, whether you just to want to boost your reputation. Read more about our PC websites below

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Video Animation/ Business Explainer Videos

Video Animation is a vital tool to use when marketing your business. Our video animation service is what its name implies a service of drafting and creating animations. These animations are computer generated 2D animations either done via character animation (think Disney movies) or composition animation (Think animations in music videos).
This service can apply to all types of businesses at all levels. It’s great for B-to-C companies. who wish to have a polished , professional; look and feel on the web.

So why do you need video? The short answer is—It’s the most popular form of digital media content online. And, most of your customers are using it.
2013 marked the year where online digital content is outpacing all other forms of media. This is the era of video. This rise in popularity is driven by the top online sources people frequent. People are spending more and more time on YouTube, Facebook and Google. Video is everywhere. More and more video is an attractive tool for business to advertise. More importantly, it is becoming critical for you to use it to advertise online. Traditionally businesses have advertised on TV, but they are now capitalizing on the benefits of video online on their sites, YouTube and elsewhere. Why? Because they are reaching a lot of customers that way.

High-end drafting storyboard 2D animation:
Our animation service is professional and industrial strength offering voiceovers and all the amenities of a high end studio experience. You may dip a small 30 second video for a small business, a series of commercials for a high-end business for a website. You may want a format for television or a format for your website. It doesn’t matter we’re equipped to handle your request

Our process follows the conventional tradition of storyboarded development. You tell us what you want, we develop a quote based on your needs… You then provide us with a script or we can develop one for you. What will be said in the video? Next, we create a storyboard to give your animation structure. A storyboard allows you to have a discussion about a video that hasn’t been created yet. What will animation look like? How will characters be positioned? What type of cinematography is required? It is a visual timetable or sequence of events that help you to visualize your video. We then create mock-ups of the video. Once approved by you, we will draft your video the edit till final delivery. We will deliver the formats you need… for TV, YouTube, your website and more arenas.

Anyone with a smartphone, table, or computer is watching video —Why not show them who you are and what you can do for them. We give you a high-end product at an affordable price.

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Local Business Listing Creation Service

Our local business listing service includes the creation of — Google, Bing & Yahoo local business profiles. We upload all of your imagery & content (images, videos) to those profiles. We check for duplicate profiles and delete them if necessary. We ensure content is accurate (phone numbers, address, service description), etc. Finally, we ensure that your entire profile is built in a manner that aids search rankings. In addition we also provide review writing and can upload these reviews to those profiles as a separate a la carte service to reinforce your businesses reputation online.

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Social Media Service

Today one area of online advertising shining brighter than most any other – social media. Social media has steadily grown, now encompassing hundreds of unique social brands and tools. Having first permeated first our personal lives, social media has grown to great importance to businesses as consumers flock there in droves. Read more below.

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PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign Management

Nearly two decades on and Pay Per Click is still going strong for one reason it gets results!

Pay Per Click has one primary advantage over all other forms of Internet marketing – it guarantees you exposure at the top of the search engine, which in turn guarantees you clicks.

Our PPC management services are more than just simple setups of AdWords accounts, we dig deeply and conduct research to ensure the best possible keywords are selected virtually guaranteeing the best possible results.

Furthermore we monitor our PPC campaigns to ensure that as the campaign progresses the results don’t trail off just because a given keyword isn’t working.

Our campaigns come in two distinct varieties for those on a budget we offer our Value plans, plans that bridge the gap between costly large campaigns and small ineffectual ones. By careful selection of keywords and attention to detail we are able to bring clients fantastic results and quality management at affordable rates.

For clients with more of a budget we bring to bear robust world
class enterprise campaigns of our Advanced plans offering A/B copy split testing, keyword bid management and much more.

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