Six reasons why it is crucial to get a mobile website right now

The Good – If you have a website, your site can be pulled up on any mobile device with a browser. The Bad – Your website probably looks terrible on iPhones, Androids and other mobile handhelds consumers are using to find businesses like yours. The Ugly – You will loose potential customers because your site looks a mess and is hard to use on their mobile smartphones.

Solution: Get a mobile optimized website

Small businesses must adapt to the new mobile world to avoid the potential negative impact. As a businesses you might think a mobile site is nice to have— That it isn’t something you should make a priority. But, you are wrong.

Having a consumer-friendly mobile website can give your business a significant boost.

If your business isn’t optimized for mobile, it might as well be invisible. Mobile isn’t going to be a medium. It’s going to be the medium.
–Edward Boches, Chief Innovation Officer, Mullen

You may not realize how much of your site traffic comes from mobile devices. In verticals like consumer electronics, financial services and insurance, more than 15% of searches come from mobile devices. For restaurants that
number is closer to 30%! Use Google Analytics or your analytics software of choice to better understand how much traffic is coming from mobile.

Here is a list of reasons why your can’t afford to be without a mobile website:

Your customers are mobile

As the world goes mobile, your customers are becoming more and more attuned to the new mobile environment. This is being reflected in their mode of communication, their devices, the way they think and communicate with each other and the choose to give their business (from a grocery store to a health facility).

  • There are over 120 million smart phones in the US alone
  • By 2013 more people will access the internet on their phones than PCs
  • Mobile searches have grown 400% since 2010
  • There will be one mobile device for every person on earth by 2015
  • More than 9 in 10 adults own a mobile phone, 7 of 10 teenagers and 1 out of 5 children have mobile devices Services

Most sites today are built with the desktop computer system in mind, they are large, graphical and built to display on large screens – all things mobile is not. Being built for the desktop they cannot be viewed correctly on mobile devices. And, they never will be.

Mobile websites are built with the mobile devices in mind, they are built with small screen sizes and technology to accommodate touch pad screens.

If you want to maximize access to your business—a mobile website is not a frivolity it’s an absolute necessity.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2012!

  • Mobile traffic increased 102% on Cyber Monday vs. 2011
  • Mobile sales increased more than 96 percent over 2011
  • Five-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend, mobile traffic leaped 125%
  • Traffic stemming from smart phones and tablets jumped 155% on Black Friday
  • 83% of those mobile shoppers were on an iPhone or iPad
  • Mobile responsible for $750 million over 5 days
It’s a great vehicle for reaching more people getting more web and foot traffic

  • Mobile web traffic will surpass desktop (and laptop) traffic by 2014
  • Last year’s mobile traffic was eight times the size of the entire global internet in 2000
  • Smartphone users are addicted! 80% of users will not leave their home without their mobile device
  • Did you know 80% of customers abandon a mobile site if they have a bad user experience!
Mobile is increasingly the preferred channel for consumer engagement

51% of consumers surveyed were more likely to purchase from a retailer with a mobile-friendly website. Today’s customers are mobile, failure to invest in catering to them is foolish and the numbers of them are growing exponentially. By 2014, the internet will have more mobile visitors with smart phones than laptops and this means that to be on the net will very soon be synonymous with being on the mobile web.

Brands that aren’t embracing mobile—that aren’t there in the moments that matter to people, are basically sending the message that they don’t want to be in people’s lives. The results we’ve seen when we’ve enabled our clients’ brands through mobile-optimized websites and search optimization tell us that mobile is the preferred channel of engagement for a fast-growing number of consumers —Chia Chen, SVP, Mobile Practice Director, Digitas

People are using their smatphones at home at work on-the go, in stores, restaurants
cafe’s and coffee shop, doctor’s office, at the airport, at social gatherings and functions, schools –everywhere. A mobile website can help you connect to them when they need you most—When they need…

  • A tow truck for a car broken down on the side of the road.
  • A last minute caterer
  • A plumber ASAP
  • A restaurant last minute business meeting
  • An electrician because their power is out
  • A cab because they are stranded
  • An attorney to help with the DUI they just received from law enforcement
  • To book a flight for an upcoming trip
  • The closet doctor or Urgent Care medical facility for a flu that has taken a sudden turn for the worst

The possibilities are limitless. These are the times when CONVENIENCE trumps brand name — and a mobile friendly website that can be easily accessed on iPhone or Android can drive significant traffic to your business.

In short—times of need for mobile users means sales for you! Make it convenient for them to reach you no matter where they are.

Local consumers are looking businesses like yours

And, they are taking advantage of the immediacy of mobile Having a mobile-website is crucial for local businesses. Even if they have never heard of you, your local community or people passing through your community are looking for you.

1 Billion People Will Use Mobile As Primary Internet Access Point In 2012—Google

When your customers are out and about or just traveling through your town, they could be looking for the closest business of your type. Driving, walking or waiting in line… From finding a gas station, restaurant, grocery store to seeking beauty, medical or legal attention – their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are indispensable.
In fact 95% of smartphone users have looked for local
information on their phones.

Here are just few examples of businesses that can benefit tremendously from having an effective mobile presence

Restaurants and food establishments (pizzerias, food trucks, bakeries), Professional services (locksmiths, attorneys, plumbers), Health, beauty (dentists, doctors, fitness studios, salons, spas), Travel and tourism (hotels, motels, gift shops, visitor services, Real estate (apartments and condominium complexes, real estate agencies and agents) Finance (banks, credit unions), Automotive and transport(mechanics, towing companies)… Retail (mom-and-pop shops, kiosks, boutiques, etc.)

Half of all mobile search conversions happen within one hour of the search.

A recent study by Google in partnership with Nielsen finds "there’s an immediacy effect of mobile search, with more than half of the resulting conversions (going into a store, calling a business, or making a purchase) happening within just one hour." Mobile searchers are taking quick action when they explore, search and shop.

Our smartphones are always with us in. In our mobile world, they keep us connected. No matter when or or where our iPhones and Androids are always a convenient hand grab away. Finding a business is literally a thumb search away.

People carry three things in America: their wallets, their keys, and a cell phone —Mario Armstrong, Digital Lifestyle Expert, Today Show, CNN, HLN, and Fuse.

It is little wonder we have become addicted to getting information when we want it, the way we want it. We expect and demand immediacy; fast access to information — and show very little tolerance for sites that don’t feed this need. We quickly lose patience with mobile websites that don’t fit our mobile screens, have bad navigation features, lack standard mobile features that quickly connects us to you— and overall delivers a bad mobile experience. Our solution is to quickly search the next most suitable site that satisfies our needs—your competitor’s site.

You can see the Google-Nielsen "Mobile Search Moments: Understanding How Mobile Drives Conversions" Infographic or view the complete 43-Page Paper.

A mobile site can you a leg up on your competition or evens the playing field

66% of users find mobile sites through search engine but too often they hate what they find. According to research conducted by Google, 79% say they’d rather take their business elsewhere. Plus they’re five times more likely to abandon the task altogether – Google

We can help you build a mobile website with your audience in mind —and more than just a visual way. Our websites are built with an understanding of the browsing habits of the mobile customer. The mobile customer doesn’t come to a website to browse it – they come to get information to buy.

This means that features allowing them to instantly tap their screen and communicate (such as click to call, click to email and click to locate) are vitally important. These features combined with a fast load time ensure the potential customer doesn’t get frustrated with the browsing experience and go elsewhere – and become someone else’s customer.

In summary – Helping consumers find your business while they’re on their mobile is as simple as getting a mobile website. Your mobile website must be designed to be fast, lightweight and easy to use. It must allow customers to search, find, call, email or text you—easily. We design a site that meets these mobile-friendly criteria. For a quote or consultation on how we can help you build a mobile website that won’t turn off your customers, contact us.

When people use mobile search to help make a decision they are… 30% more likely to visit a retail website, 57% more likely to visit a store, 51% more likely to make a purchase and 39% more likely to call a business —Google-Nielsen, Mobile Search Moments: Understanding How Mobile Drives Conversions