Use video animation to deliver your message & attract more business.

According to Comscore Research, 187 million Americans watched more than 44 billion online content videos in July, while the number of video ad views surpassed 19 billion. Adding a service or product video to your website can boost your conversions and drive more traffic to your business. It’s a great way engage your audience, set them at ease by helping them make an informed decision. It’s also a great tool to help improve your search engine rankings.

Shoppers who view video are nearly 2x more likely to purchase (Internet Retailer)

We create short video animation video that tells the world about, you and your business. Our, script writers, voice artists, animators and video animation storytelling experts are at your disposal. Try our a animated video production service. Then, use your carefully crafted video to win more customers.

We offer two video options for your convenience!

You can order a video that is custom built from scratch, or you can choose a template-based video. So what’s the difference?

Custom Videos:

Get a unique professional video animation created from scratch. Your custom video is from its foundation built to sell your business. You get 100% custom illustrations. Your content is uniquely your own and not forced into a pre-designed template that could result in a less than optimal marketing tool.

You final video is more personable and specific to your business. And, it helps you stand out from your competitors because it is UNIQUE and different from them. You final video is delvered in HD (High Defintion), MOVor MP4 (for Internet streaming). Iphone/Ipad and mobile compatible. Share your on Youtube or Facebook.
Embed your video on your website. Use in a TV commercial and mo.

Top-notch voice-over and scripting service available: Provide your own video script or voice over material. Or, for an additional cost, we can provide a professonal copywriter and voiceover talent (optional). Additionally, you can choose to create your video in the language of your choice (choose from 50).

Get your custom  video. It's really easy

Template-based videos:

Shorter development time and more cost-effective for very low budgets. It’s a great option if you are a startup and need a simple, straightforward, quick and easy video solution that does not rely too heavily on branding and marketing.

The caveat here is that— because it is created fro a tem[late, it’s may very hard to stand out and be unique if your video is similar to others.

With the template based option, you choose one of our Adobe After Effects template. You send us the replacement photos, text, footage and music you want to use to customize it. We create your video from this content. Then, we send you a finished MP4 or WEBM video file that you can
upload to Youtube, share on Facebook and other social media and embed on your website.

Note: Voiceover and Scripting service is not available for Template-based videos.

Get a video created from a template

Frequently asked questions

So why do animated videos and other explainer videos work?
Nothing builds rapport and engagement, gets traffic, and seals a sale these days like a a good video. Facebook, YouTube and Google are the primary sources driving the exploding consumption of video. Single and cross-platform interaction with these three online power-houses of user-engagement has propelled video into the spotlight.

Online video has come of age in 2013 and is rapidly outpacing other forms of media. Alost 9 out of 10 web users engage with online videos, says Comscore. And a Kelsey Group study that found that 55% of people who view a video visit the company’s website, 30% visit the a physical store, and 24% make a purchase as a result. Whether you’re looking to create a small video for your website, run a social media marketing video campaign, post a local Yellow page or Yelp business listing, put an ad on local or national TV —a video ad can afford ably and effectively get the word out about what you have to offer.

Engage your audience The amount of information that can be disseminated from a three seconds of video vastly outweighs the amount of information you can glean from three seconds of text. Humans retain 7% of simple text information, 38% of voice and tone and 55% if its a combination of body language, voice and tone—a combination you’ll find in videos.

Create brand awareness and meaningful connections Video make you seem more human. It make your brand seem more real by creating a connection on an emotional level. Emotional connections are the most vital connections you can make in improving your retention rate and creating conversions.

Video has longevity Unlike TV ads which get removed if you stop paying for them, video content stays online (It typically requires administration level privileges to remove a video). Video stays online delivering your message perpetually. And by default, it’s is both local and national even global. This reduces your overall spending cost over time.

Improve your search resultsIf you’re not found in the top search results, you pretty much don’t exist. Search engines see your site as text only. Transcription and capture technology allow users to take the information in videos and convert it to textThis makes it easy for search engine spiders to find you and index you. in fact you are 50 times more likely to be found to be ranked more highly by Google.

Tell me more about your custom video production process?


Discovery: We start off by discussing and clearly defining your project objectives: Effective communication is done to get a clear view of your requirements


Script: Our professional script writer will prepare your script based on the subject you require. We will work with you to review and make any needed edits.


Storyboard: Based on the final script a storyboard is prepared, which describes the characters and the story. A visual story that helps to effectively explain your message is developed. It is constructed scene by scene using color, visual metaphors, graphics, characters, motion and other visual elements.


Voiceover: After finalizing the storyboard, voice is recorded and edited either by software or by a professional voice artist as per your requirements.


Design: After the storyboard is completed our Video Layout department designs the characters or objects, locations & costumes. The next step is to define the surface, color, light, reflection, refraction, transparency, brightness, etc.


Animation: In this step your animation comes to life. Here our animator completes each shot by defining the exact animation sequence and organization of the movements. Finally the shots are arranged to create the animated final sequence. At this stage,the video is ready for your review.


Revision: Your custom video is sent for your review. Revisions are then completed based on your feedback


Final delivery: After the finishing touches, your video is finally completed and delivered to you. You can now proceed to wow your audience with what you have to offer!

I don’t have a script. Can you create one for me?

Of course! In fact, we work with top-notch copywriters who can create a high-converting script based on the video length you desire for the price of $99 per minute (1 minute is approx. 150 words). After you place your order, you’ll be asked to fill out a short questionnaire and provide some necessary information about your target audience and your product or service. Your script will be delivered for your approval within 2-3 business days.

Your satisfaction is our number one goal. If you’re not happy with the angle or anything

I have a script but I’m not happy with it. Can you improve it?

Sure, we can review your script and provide our feedback. In case it needs to be re-written, we can do that for you for $99/min.

How can I ensure your team will understand my concept?

Our copywriters are highly experienced team members and provide only top-notch video scripts. We do ask that you fill out a carefully constructed questionnaire that gives us the proper information to write your script.  

And our artists are highly experienced, take great pride in their work, and are exceptional at taking direction.

Not only are we 100% confident in our teams’ skills, but we provide unlimited script and storyboard revisions.  Our process is risk-free for you.

How do I know how many minutes my video/voice-over is going to be?

1 minute is approximately 150 words.  If you have your script ready but you don’t know how many minutes it will be, simply divide it by 150. For example, let’s say your script is 450 words… just divide 450 by 150.  This means your video will be 3 minutes long.

I need a voice-over. Can you help?

Yes. We currently have a team of about 15 professional voice-over talents (both male and female) who are ready to transform your script into a crystal clear voice-over that is literally hypnotizing.

What is a Storyboard and how many revisions do you provide?

A storyboard is a sequence of written text and visual drawings showing the scenes planned for your video production.  Check out this storyboard sample to see how cool they are.  Once you approve the storyboard and you’re happy with it, only then do we proceed to the video production phase.

As you can see, having the privilege to review and approve everything it’s an absolutely risk-free process with maximum satisfaction!

I don’t think people will sit and watch a video longer than X minutes.

We have had clients hire us to produce videos as long as 35 minutes and they have amazing conversions with it. Remember, people with needs (buyers) will sit and listen to a video that provides a solution — as long the video is interesting and engaging.

Also don’t forget the world famous marketing golden rule: “Assume nothing, test everything”.

How long will it take for my video to be delivered to me?

We deliver all videos within 2-3 weeks (usually less).  However, if you have to meet a deadline we do offer a 5-Day Rush delivery option for an extra fixed fee.

Do you make video in German, Spanish or other languages?
We can do videos in any language.
The local online-video market will more than triple to $5 billion by 2017, from $1.6 billion this year, compared with 14 percent growth in the local television ad market, according to Ducey. A big benefit of online ads is they can adjust to real-time conditions, he said. For example, “If the Midwest is getting hit with 15 inches of snow and you’re running spots there, you may want to recast them around snow shovels and salt for the driveway,” Ducey said — Bloomberg