Easy Template Videos

Get a professional affordable video using one of our templates. It’s really easy. Simply choose a templates below and one of our expert video animators will customize it with your unique information and graphics. Your final video will be a high definition video enhanced by advanced graphics and special effects. Our goal is to help you reate make a high converting marketing tool – t draw people to your business.

Steps to Getting a Video Animation

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The days of paying thousands to have animated business videos created for your website are over! We can produce a low-cost professional video you can use to showcase your business, products orservices. Use any or all of these 10 ways suggested by Gareth Davies in his VIDEOTASTIC e-book to market your business with this powerful marketing tool —the video.

10 Ways to Use Your New Video to Market your Business

  1. Send your video to your existing email/ newsletter list
  2. Optimize your video for the search engines (right file name, video description, video, title, keywords and tags)
  3. Share your video on the top video sharing sites including YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and Dailymotion
  4. Promote on smaller niche websitesor industry hub websites. They may not be as big as YouTube. But, if the video content is topical or specific to that niche, a much higher percentage of users may click on it than would if pitched at a more general audience. These viewers may also be more likely to comment on and share the video, so it’s well worth seeking out niche video websites or industry hub sites to host your video.
  5. Burn a DVD to play at your next tradeshow, showroom or store to attract customers to certain lines
  6. Repurpose your videos as still images and text
  7. Generate links to your video from your press releases
  8. Add a link in your email signature to your video
  9. Run a competition baased on watching your video. This requires people to watch your video, which increases views and encouragessharing
  10. Promote your video on Faceboo and Google+; promote to your network of friends, post your video to your comapny page and reach out to influential fans
  11. BONUS: Tweet the link to your video to your followers; multiple tweets at different points in the day is okay. Two to four times a day is okay. But, make sure to reword your tweets a little or vary the link shortners so the URL changes.